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Writing Schedule

January 30th, 2017


2/24/17: 50SOD, Fireworks: Shut It Down

2/25/17: Maneater, Echelon, All of the Lights, Empire

1/31/17: 50SOD, The Sweetest Taboo, 50 Shades of James, Empire, Fireworks: Shut It Down

2/03/17: 50 Shades of Drake, Echelon, All of the Lights, 50 Shades of James, Maneater

2/04/17: Fireworks: Shut It Down, The Sweetest Taboo, Empire, Maneater, The Bad Girl Files

2/05/17: 50Shades of Drake, Fireworks: Shut It Down, Maneater, Echelon

Full Plate

January 28th, 2017

A lot of you are probably wondering what happened to me, whether or not I’m even still alive. This would be due to the lack of updates going on on my Wattpad page. I’m writing this post to update you on what to expect moving forward.

My Current Roster

Full-time job, 40 hours/week

6 college classes

Wattpad updates

Don’t even ask me why I decided to take on the project, with everything else that I have going on. I will write a separate post on that.

As you have noticed, I’ve incorporated the Shi1oh Sanders page into ThaBossCode. This is for the sake of simplicity, so I don’t have to keep bouncing back and forth between two websites. Schedules and update posts will be displayed here. Later on, I might incorporate a link directly into this website menu but currently, the way to this site is by either memorizing the web address or linking from my Wattpad profile and bookmarking.

So, onto the fun part. Some of you still don’t know that I enrolled in a total of six college classes while working full-time. I’m going to school for secondary education. This is a move I’m making for a few reasons. I’ve always had an interest in teaching and I am in dire need of changing the job field I’m in now to something that I’d get more enjoyment out of. Currently I work as an account manager at a safety products company. While I love most of the people there, the job itself – and things that are unfairly put onto my shoulders – is killing my soul. There’s no other way to describe how I feel there every day.

As you can tell from my courseload, I want college to be over as quickly as possible. While making the decision to do this, I knew that it would affect my writing updates. That is why I decided to spoil everyone the week of New Year’s. Following that, I prepared for my classes and when classes started, gauged how much time I was spending on assignments to get an idea of how often I’d be able to post Wattpad story updates. I now have an idea, and even with college classes and, I will be able to update most stories each week. Once in awhile when there are quizzes or mid-terms going on, I may need to take a week off. We are going to see how this goes.

I have this coming Monday and Tuesday off, and Wattpad updates resume tomorrow. Thank you for all of the patience, love, and support you guys have shown.


New Year, New Me


Reporting to you live from Las Vegas. This is actually my last night in Vegas – I have been here from December 30th to today, January 5th. I fly out in the morning, back to the cold, Chicago suburbs.

This week has been a great experience for me. My first three days here, I had my girls with me. Our intention was to attend the Drake New Year’s Eve event on Saturday. He took too long to come out, so me and two of my girls left; two of my girls stayed. Even though me and a few of my girls didn’t get to see him, we still had a great time here. Once they left, I got to writing and planning.

This year is going to be a very big year for me. As I’ve announced on Wattpad and most likely also in the previous blog, I am returning back to school to complete my degree. Once I complete my degree, I will be moving back to Texas – Houston, to be exact. No more cold winters for me, and I’m excited about that.

A quick snapshot of the stories that have been updated the past several days:

50 Shades of Drake: Fire & Desire

Fireworks: Shut It Down


The Sweetest Taboo

The Bad Girl Files



50 Shades of James

The stories that still need to be updated, and will be updated this coming weekend are:

All of the Lights

Night Changes II

Thank you for all of your kind words on the stories that have been updated. Someone just commented “You’re on an updating roll, thank you!” LOL – I am consciously spoiling you guys because my college classes start on January 17th. I am taking a total of six – count em – six classes. Once these classes start, I don’t know what the updating frequency will be. I know that I will still be updating. I wouldn’t just go ghost on Wattpad, no matter how many classes I’ll be taking. But I’m also realistic to know that I won’t be able to keep up a rigorous writing schedule. I will have to be extremely strategic with updates.

Just so you guys know what to expect from the upcoming weeks, I will be updating as much as possible this weekend and next weekend. The week after that is when classes will start, so for the last two weeks of January into February, I will be getting a feel for how much time these six classes will demand from me. That is what will allow me to determine how much writing I can get done without tiring myself out. Because, if you guys remember, I also work full time. So this will be a true balancing act.

I am finishing up my degree in hopes of becoming a teacher. I’m extremely excited about it. I feel like I can use my life experiences to help high school students to realize just how important that period of their life is, and how decisions they make even that young can impact the rest of their lives. Nothing has felt as right as my decision to go into teaching. It is an idea I have flirted with for decades, and I’ve even taught creative writing in an after school program. We will see how all of that goes.

This blog is just a way for me to reach out and touch base with you guys so you know what to expect, but I also wanted to say that I hope each and every one of you has an amazing year. We are all starting with a clean slate. If there is something you don’t like about your life, change it. I know that’s what I’m doing.


Love you guys,