Lucas Coly


Many of you won’t recognize his name or photo, but he is a talented Instagram sensation who is currently sitting with 1.1million followers. Why is Lucas Coly being featured? Determined to remain an independent artist, he currently has music linked in his Instagram bio (@iamlucascoly). If you scroll down his page and check the videos where he is rapping/freestyling, it won’t take long to see why he is being featured. He has a smooth flow when rapping. He had the creativity to remix 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” over the Drake “From Time” beat – and if you start with any of his songs, start there. In additional to being a talented young rapper, he is also incredibly wise for his young age. Fluent in French, and having recently moved to the United States from France, he speaks out on the fakeness in the industry. In his Instagram live videos, he is extremely real with his fans. He should be commended on his realness alone, in an industry that seems to be growing faker and faker by the day. Expect to see a lot of him in the near future.

Chance the Rapper


A staple for independent artists across the globe, Chance has earned a huge amount of respect in the industry. He has become successful on his own terms, without having to be backed by a large studio. While he has garnered success with the release of his debut, Coloring Book, he remains humble. He is a well-spoken lyricist who tells the story of having been brought up in a spiritual household. Best believe, he is making both God and mama proud.



A Toronto-based masked DJ with the voice of the angel and a deliciously bad streak? Check, check, check. He’s like Daft Punk and The Weeknd rolled into one perfectly twisted, insanely talented artist. Mixing smooth music production with seductive vocals, this artist has both remixed existing songs and created his own. Currently, he is a YouTube phenom who also has an Instagram presence. Since Instagram still has the minute limit on their videos, it is best to check out his music on YouTube to feel their full effect. While there are photos of the web that show Sickick without his mask, he always wears a mask during his visuals and performances. The fact that he wears these masks, effectively hiding his identity from most, proves to be a part of the fun in experiencing his music. Without focusing on what he looks like, his audience is able to truly get lost in his music. Having opened for Drake, Sickick says in his interview with Uproxx, “When I put this mask on I can do anything… My dream is to create a race, a movement of people who aren’t afraid of success and to be the best they can be… I want to be the leader of this movement.”


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