Image Makeover Tips


This is the age of “shade,” the period of time when society is encouraged to throw shade at each other, poke fun at each other, all the while unknowingly causing someone’s insecurities to grow even more intense in nature.

In life, I’ve encountered so many people who were unhappy with the way they looked. If you surf Instagram posts in the explore feed, there are countless teenagers posting “I’m ugly” memes. Some of these teenagers are fishing for compliments, but others truly believe that they aren’t attractive. Meanwhile, the boys and girls that these teenagers view as attractive are often just as insecure as they are, if not more so.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that life is a lot easier when you feel comfortable in your own skin. Let’s break down this issue and help you to resolve it, so you can breathe easier.

When dealing with matters of insecurity, the first think you’re going to want to remember is that no one is exempt from feeling down on themselves. You are definitely not alone in the way that you feel. There are many people out there who feel exactly the way you do.

The second thing you want to make note of is that attractiveness is relative. For one reason or another, you don’t like how you look – but there could people that you interact with in your everyday life who think that you are the most beautiful creature they’ve ever seen.

Thirdly, in today’s culture when so many people are paying to look like someone else, it’s becoming more and more refreshing to see faces that are unique. Instead of bashing yourself for your uniqueness, try to find a way to embrace it. Do you feel that your eyes are too close together? Too far apart? Do you feel that your nose is slightly too large for your face, or your lips are a shade thinner than you like? These features are a part of what make you, you. These features are a part of what make you special. And that is how you should look at yourself: special.

The above words are pretty and fluffy to you, but your feelings still haven’t changed? You’re unhappy with the way you look? All right, we can attack that too.


If you are unhappy with your look, it’s time to take a long, hard look at yourself. That should be fairly easy, since you’re your own worst critic. Determine what it is exactly that you don’t like about yourself. Does it have to do with your face? Your body shape, or weight? Unwanted body hair?

It’s astounding to me how we, as people can make issues so unnecessarily complicated. Changing a look isn’t hard. It’s not difficult. It’s not rocket science. I’ve seen a guy go from meh to hubba hubba just by getting a new haircut. I’ve seen women go from nice looking to starlet, just by ditching the hoodie and sliding into a slinky dress and heels. Sometimes it’s that easy. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing up your hairstyle, ditching the chunky-framed glasses for wire rims, shaving the beard – or growing one, or updating your wardrobe.

When it comes to your face, I love when a face is memorable. I love when features stand out. I love a face that’s striking, and it’s not easy being striking or memorable when you look like the cookie cutter eyebrow fleeked, puffy lipped any publicity is good publicity maven. Nothing against those cookie cutter chicks, but let me have my corny moment as I tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are. And keep in mind that facial features can be downplayed or complemented with makeup, or eyebrow tweezing/threading, or teeth whitening/straightening, etc.

If there’s anything that I want you to take from this article, it’s that most of the things in our lives that we don’t like, we can change. It’s a matter of thinking about how we’re feeling, developing a plan of action, and taking that action. Turn your makeover into a project, and have fun with it. Not everything in life has to be serious.