Spotlight: Featured Artists


Jaden Smith


He recently went on an Instagram Live rant saying that he’s failed his father and went on to speak about the fakeness in Los Angeles. In this same video, he declared that he’s moving out of Los Angeles due to the negativity in the city. If you’ve ever heard one of his interviews, or heard the way his mind works when he is hosting his Apple Music radio show, then you would know that this kid has one of the most beautiful minds in our world today. The way he thinks is refreshing. He speaks of individuality and creativity, sounds off on the injustices in our world, and poses questions that more people should be asking. In addition to that, he is extremely compelling in Netflix’s The Get Down. For these reasons, he is our first featured artist.

Yara Shahidi


Beautiful. Poised. Graceful. All without being afraid to show her dorky, intelligent side. Extremely well spoken, and wise for someone so young. This Blackish actress has already shown that she is talented in the realms of both comedy and drama, which is a daunting feat for most. In addition to that, she demonstrates that your social media pages don’t have to be chock-full of twerk videos in order to garner attention. Whether or not being a role model is her aim, she serves to be an extremely positive one for young girls today. It’s a beautiful thing when women embrace their intelligence, and an even more beautiful thing when women speak their mind in an eloquent way. If entertainers like Yara Shahidi are our future, then we have a bright one ahead of us.

Zayn Malik


Fans cried when he left One Direction – but in actuality, Zayn was always destined for more than being another boy band personality. His voice is soulful, his appreciation for art is commendable, and his debut album was phenomenal . His love for R&B and stylistic flow are reminiscent of Jon B., and I expect even better work from him moving forward.

Aja Naomi King


Best known for her role on How to Get Away with Murder, this actress is a powerhouse who came out swinging in her most recent role as a law school student hellbent on becoming a successful lawyer. While she has been acting since 2008 and has been featured in shows such as Emily Owens M.D. and Black Box, 2014 was truly her year to shine as a standout actress. Her openness, candor, and beauty are all why Aja Naomi King is queen.


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