What Is Good Fashion?

Before we go into the in-depth articles on fashion, let’s address a few questions that are still asked to this day: what constitutes good fashion? Is fashion less about clothes and more about how someone carries themselves?

The answers given to these questions vary from person to person. This article will be image heavy, so that you can determine your own response to these questions. Let’s break down how the dictionary defines fashion:

noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions
  1. 1.
    a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.
    “his hair is cut in the latest fashion”
    synonyms: vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, fad; More

    “the fashion for tight clothes”
    • the production and marketing of new styles of goods, especially clothing and cosmetics.
      “a fashion magazine”
      synonyms: clothes, clothing design, couture; More

      the garment industry;
      informalthe rag trade
      “the world of fashion”
  2. 2.
    a manner of doing something.
    “the work is done in a rather casual fashion”
    synonyms: manner, way, method, mode, style; More

    “it needs to be run in a sensible fashion”
verb: fashion; 3rd person present: fashions; past tense: fashioned; past participle: fashioned; gerund or present participle: fashioning
  1. 1.
    make into a particular or the required form.
    “the bottles were fashioned from green glass”

Now, let’s use a few images to illustrate what the average person might envision when they think about fashion:



Bella Hadid


Joan Smalls

Fashion comes in many different forms. There are many different styles – high fashion, consisting of couture pieces and looks. There are formal, dressier styles. There are styles that lean towards the casual.


Kim Johansson

There are always going to be those individuals who take fashion very seriously, and consider themselves a critique. But ultimately, when developing your own personal style, it helps to be able to play a little bit. It helps to experiment. In doing so, you can put together looks that are unintentionally iconic. Sometimes those are some of the best looks, the ones that you stumble upon.

Developing your own personal style transcends the fabric and the clothing material. It includes your overall look: the way you style your hair, the makeup you wear, or if you’re male, your haircut and the presence of facial hair or lack thereof. Yourself, your body is the platform of your personal style. You are simply using fashion to enhance the beauty that is already there within you.

When looking to improve or upgrade your fashion, it can help to browse around a bit, check model and celebrity photos to get a sense of the styles you like. You can tweak or come up with your own styles later, but initially reviewing look that are already out there can give you a sense of the clothing stores you’d want to check out. Review different clothing pieces. Don’t be afraid to try them on. The way clothes fit affect their overall look, which affects your overall style. I am notorious for not trying on clothes in stores, but there are times or certain clothing pieces where I know I have to try them on. When you first set out to developing your style, it is definitely best to snatch up a few clothing articles and visit the dressing room in the store.

Mix and match different pieces and styles. Get a sense of what you feel looks good together. Everyone in your life can give you their opinion as to what does and doesn’t look, but ultimately a personal style is…well…quite personal. You will be the one wearing the clothes, so it should be up to you whether or not it looks good. If you want ideas of what the public feels looks bad, though, any fashion police segment on any one of the entertainment news blogs will give some guidance – if you care to see it. We have all seen someone take what should’ve been a fashion nightmare and turn it into something quite beautiful. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken – you just need to know how to break them.

Accessorize – if you care to. A classic watch, a statement necklace, ear gauges, a nice worn in pair of boots, or elaborate belt can really set off what would have otherwise been a plain outfit. Models and fashion elite often refer to looks as ensembles, because a look isn’t just about the outfit. It’s about the person wearing it, and about the little personal touches a person adds to it.

Most of you reading this article don’t know me personally and therefore probably don’t care about my opinion on the topic. I truly feel, though, that how you carry yourself and your own sense of confidence are what sell fashion. An outfit often looks great on a model walking the runway because she’s strolling down the catwalk with a borderline cocky strut that urges you to give her three snaps. Confidence is key. It’s true for business, it’s true for making your dreams coming true, it’s true in dating, and, yes – it’s true for fashion as well.


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