11 Things He Secretly Loves About You


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James Michael Sama

In previous articles we have discussed things that men secretly love, as well as things women secretly love. Some, admittedly…not so secret. But, many of these points were a bit more general and I think it is a worthy conversation to get into some more specific things that men love about the woman in their life – but may not tell her (though, they should).

When a man is falling in love with a woman, there are many small or less obvious things about her and her personality that will bring a smile not only to his face, but also to his heart.


So, what are some things that the man in your life probably loves about you – but may not have told you?

He loves the way he smiles when he thinks about you.

It doesn’t matter if he’s stressed out at work, stuck in traffic, or…

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Dating Mistake #1: Forcing It


Dating in this day and age has lost a lot of its charm from previous decades. I won’t rehash the hows and whys here, because they have already been presented in great detail in the Dating in 2017 article. But what if I told you that a lot of the things both men and women are doing wrong are easily avoidable? This is the entire theme behind what I am calling the Dating Mistakes Series – a series of blog posts that will help you avoid the big no-no’s that take you from potential couple to permanently friend zoned.

One of the scariest periods of dating is that almost period. It’s the period where you have kind of sort of gotten to know each other, but aren’t yet dating or a thing…the dreaded limbo. There is definite flirting going on, definitely hinting at something that could be. But maybe he or she isn’t asking you out or making the next move to take it from flirty friends to something real.

First of all, one must learn to appreciate this period of time. This is the period of time that comes with a ton of excitement. You have something to look forward to: a bunch of cute, flirty moments. Everything is up in the air and you don’t know what’s going to happen, or when it’s going to happen. There is something beautiful in that, and that tends to get missed. Why? Because of expectations and impatience.

I see women make this mistake way more often than I see men make this mistake. There could be valid reasons behind that – after all, we do have those cursed biological clocks that are ticking away, reminding us of our mortality and of the limited time we have in bearing children. There is also the occasional familial pressure to marry. When our families get tired of pressuring us to marry, they often resort to downright mean jokes that we’ll wind up lonely with a bunch of cats and a weekly ogle of our future poolboy Gustavo will be the extent of our sex lives. By stark contrast, men have significantly more time than we do when it comes to being able to being able to naturally contribute to the conception of children. While they definitely get familial pressure to marry, the hounding doesn’t usually start quite early as it does for us ladies.

But that is neither here nor there. When we women see a man we like and we get to know him, and he’s amazing, everything in us screams that we want to have him now. There are those cute, flirty moments, and those shared glances, and the brushing up against each other, and inside jokes, and we think to ourselves, We might as well be dating…so why aren’t we dating? We get along so well, we have the same sense of humor and like the same kinds of movies, so why isn’t he asking me out? Or… We’ve hung out a few times, but he let’s so much time lapse between when we hang out?

Something that women might want to realize is that men love the early flirting stages. They like those cute, flirty moments, they like not knowing what’s going to happen next, and they like the chase. Sound familiar? So many dating articles have attempted to knock us over the top of the head with this message but when it comes to a true crushing situation, we fail to reach back into the cobweb-riddled corners of our mind and remember, Hey – he probably hasn’t asked me out yet because he likes this whole flirty dance that we have going on.

Mind you, there could be other reasons why he isn’t asking you out. He could have a girlfriend, he could be more focused on his career and getting his life together – because there are tons of men out there who would prefer to have his career and life together before settling down. Another important tidbit of information. If you two work together, he could be trying to take things slow, to gauge your levels of crazy. If you two started dating and it didn’t work out, are you the type of woman who would key his car and slash his tires the minute you hear he’s dating someone else? Or maybe he doesn’t believe in dating co-workers at all. There could be a valid reason as to why he’s not asking you out, but for the sake of this article we are going to assume that he likes you as much as you like him, and he is interested in having something more with you.

Men like those early flirty stages, and the truth of the matter is that a lot of us could learn from men in this regard. We should love the early flirty stages, too. Let’s separate from the mantra of I need a boyfriend, I need a boyfriend, I need a boyfriend, I hate being single, and open our eyes to the man we are flirting with. This is the period when we really get to know him, what he finds funny, what pisses him off, how cute he can be, how much of a dick he can be. Instead of obsessing over claiming him, how about opening up yourself to really getting to know him? How about giving him the chance to charm you so much that you’d be willing to give up the freedom of being single, just because he is that amazing?

When you have a carefree, flirty friendship with someone, do not taint the experience by putting a bunch of pressure onto yourselves. Don’t set up expectations that he will be asking you out within the next few weeks, because that is setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t scheme and obsess about trying to get him to ask you out either, because now you are erring on the side of manipulation. Do not attempt to force a relationship in any way, because that is one of the quickest ways to take you from potential girlfriend to permanently friend zoned.

Relationships should happen naturally, organically. The two of you should gravitate towards each other, maybe due to physical attraction initially – then due to shared interests. Once you get a feel for each others’ humor is when you can begin exchanging jokes, light teasing, and banter. Allow that friendship/relationship to grow on its own while you continue to live your life and better yourself. Because there is nothing sexier or more attractive than a woman with her own life, own goals, own interests, who is on a consistent quest of bettering herself.

You don’t have to trick a man into asking you out. When he sees your natural glow and happiness, your passions, your sense of humor, your sensual side, and your caring side, and your ability to go with the flow…it will only be a matter of time.

Does He Like Me?


Many of us are smart enough to know that the best way of us determining whether or not someone likes us is to ask the person whether or not they like us. This often doesn’t stop us from analyzing and breaking down every single interaction in an attempt to figure out whether or not we’ve caught the interest of someone we like, though. Some situations also make the outright asking tactic a bit risky, such as your interest being a co-worker, or someone that you have a class with.

There are many websites that will touch on this topic, as it is a topic of interest to many people. At one time or another in our lives, we have asked ourselves, Does he like me? Does she like me? There are signs that would lead you to believe one way or the other. The sad fact is you could still be wrong. No matter how many signs match up, actions can always be up to interpretation. People often project their own feelings to another person, because they want that person to like them so badly. While I’m going to go over some of these signs, a point that I will spell out here and after the signs are listed, is that you need to be wary of obsessing over the interactions you have with someone you’re interested in. In order to build a strong connection with someone, you have to pay attention to what he or she is saying to you. You have to be alert enough to respond in your trademark funny or quirky way. If you are too busy analyzing everything that he or she is doing or saying, you are focusing on the wrong things. We will come back to this point later.

What you most likely came to this article for, are signs that someone is interested in you:

1. Does this person make an effort to be around you? When someone is genuinely interested in you, they will make attempts to see you. In work and school settings, seeing you is going to be a given. But take this into account: does he frequently spend time at your desk that he doesn’t have to? Do you find yourself bumping into him a lot? Does he call you over to his desk for reasons that could have otherwise been avoided? And since we are sometimes dealing with people who don’t work in a close vicinity as us, do they stop by the work office when they could have avoided it? If so, these are signs that this person may be interested. Just think about it – when you like someone, you want to see them, hear them, interact with them. Sometimes we do silly and stupid things just to achieve this.

2. Does this person often initiate contact with you? In work settings, be mindful of the fact that someone who is interested in you may tone down their level of contact, for the sake of not making you feel comfortable. But if you find this person asking questions you know they know the answer to, or could easily find the answer to, or if you find this person calling you/texting you/emailing you just to chit chat, this is an indication the person could be into you.

3. Does this person treat you differently than they treat everyone else? This is a big indicator. Maybe this person is shy and quiet, but is a charismatic jokester around you. Or maybe they’re known to be a class clown, but get shy around you. Maybe this person avoids contact with most people in the office at all costs, but never seems to mind chatting it up with you, in person or via phone. Maybe co-workers have complained that he never returns their calls or e-mails, but he’s always quick to respond to you. All strong signs of interest.

4. Does he show an interest in your interests? There was once a co-worker who found out that I’d published a few books. As a way of surprising me, he bought one off of Amazon and brought it into the office for me to sign. Granted, I had copies of the books on my desk for co-workers to buy. But instead of that, he went out of his way to purchase the book from Amazon. It was one of the most touching things anyone has done for me, as my own family was a bit slow to support my writing dream. An action like this could just be a sign that someone wants friendship from you, as are many of these signs. This is why it’s important to take a lot of these signs with a grain of salt, for the sake of not misreading intentions. But if someone consistently shows an interest in your hobbies or goals, then at the very least, they want to be friends with you.

5.Does this person seem to remember every little detail about you? You mentioned your favorite alcoholic drink to him months ago, and he still remembers it. You mentioned that you intend to go to back to school, and he brings it up again in conversation. Or you hint at wanting to move out of state, and he asks you about it later down the line to get an idea of when you might want to move. Another potential sign that he or she has an interest.

6. Does this person seem to know information about you that you haven’t even told him? This is kind of an important one. And it’s important that it happens more than once, because in a closed environment like school or work, people are going to talk. Information is going to travel. Him knowing information you haven’t told him, once in a blue moon, alone is not a strong indicator. But if this seems to be happening quite frequently, and he is retaining the information and remembering it to the point of bringing it up to you in conversation, that is a strong indicator that he has feelings for you. More than that, it is an indicator that he might be asking around about you and deliberately seeking out this information.

Dating Flirting 3

7. Do you have inside jokes with this person? Do you call each other nicknames or lightly tease each other? When someone you both don’t like walks past, are you exchanging knowing looks to each other? Does he or she try to make you laugh? This is another sign that could just be indicative of friendship, because this sign is mainly pointing to the fact that you two have a deep connection.

8. Does this person flirt with you? An important sign. Do you playfully tease each other? Or drop sexual innuendos in conversation? Throw each other flirty smiles, or flirty looks? Touch each other affectionately, in a flirtatious way? Consider the fact that there are some people out there who are natural flirts. In these cases, scratch this off as being a sign of interest – flirting is just a part of their nature. But if you are observant and note that he or she doesn’t really flirt with anyone else, and definitely not to the level they flirt with you, then this could be a sign.

Dating Flirting 2

9. Body language. You can’t read an article like this without escaping the body language topic. Does he maintain eye contact when speaking to you? Does he blush when he sees you or when you flirt with him? Does he position his hands near his belt, pockets, or waist, and stand with his chest puffed out and back straight? Does his feet point towards you, even when you are speaking in a group setting? Does he raise his hand and touch his lips, run his hand through his hair, smooth down his tie, or adjust anything else about his appearance when he sees you? Does he smile at you a lot? Do you catch him staring? Does the person lean close to you when talking to you? When someone else says something or makes a joke, is he looking your way to see how you react? Does he raise his eyebrows for a moment? Does he have dilated pupils when looking at you? All good signs.

10. Nervousness. Is there stuttering and stammering involved? It’s worth it to mention blushing here, too. Does he or she blush whenever you’re around? Are there awkward pauses in your conversation where it feels like you both want to say something else to keep the conversation going, but can’t think of anything? Even some of the most confident, cocky guys can get nervous around the girl or woman they really like.

11. Does this person make a habit of touching you? In school and work settings, the level of touching is going to be limited. But does this person touch your shoulder when standing near you, reviewing a report? Or stand behind you while leaning close enough to you, to feel that he is in your personal space? When he hands you a pencil in class, does his hand linger for a minute longer than it has to? Or does he playfully tap you on top of the head with a nearby object? All of these are signs that a person is interested.

12. Does this person defend you? Whether you’re in school or at work, does this person stand up for you? Make sure that your teacher or manager knows how hard you work when the opportunity arises? Take the blame for something that could have easily been your fault? Or not blaming you when something could be perceived as being your fault? This is another important one – especially in the workforce. In the workforce, someone taking the blame for your mistake could wind up making him look bad. If he or she is willing to put themselves on the line for the sake of clearing your name, that is a pretty big deal. In general, people tend to risk their own reputation for the sake of protecting those they care about.

13. Does this person try to help you whenever they can? You work together, and you are supposed to carry a certain workload. Does he or she offer to take some of the work off of your hands? If you have questions do they let you know they’re available whenever you need them, and help? Be careful when considering this as being a sign, because sometimes the person is just being nice and considerate. But if you find that they aren’t really offering anyone else to help with their workload, and they are offering to help you, then this could definitely be a sign of interest.

14. Does he do the humble brag around you? Is he bragging about his car, or the house he just bought, or showing you what his house looks like, or talking himself up like he has all of these major connections? Not in an annoying or obnoxious way, just a few little slips here and there? Some men just like to brag and show off. Others who do this, are doing this as a way of impressing you. And if he’s trying to impress you in any way, this means on some level, he cares what you think about him.

15. Does he compliment you? I have read plenty of articles listing signs of interest and for this particular sign, there is something I wanted to make note of. Most sites will tell you that if someone compliments your looks, they could be interested. And this is a true statement. But compliments regarding your looks are discouraged in the workplace, since it can be interpreted as inappropriate. For this reason, many men and women deliberately tone down their compliments, even for someone they really like. Sure, they might compliment a haircut or a shirt or dress you’re wearing, but many won’t just come outright and say you’re “pretty” or “hot,” for fear of being punished for it. In these cases, when someone really likes you, they may compliment on something a lot more safe – such as your work performance, or your input on a project, or might recommend you to take lead on a project. They talk you up every chance they get, both when you’re aware and behind the scenes, if they have an in with a manager.

Dating Flirting 4

16. Does he invite you out, or say you should both check out a certain band or venue? Even if the person is inviting you out in a group setting, it doesn’t matter – the fact that they are including you is positive. If this person wants to spend time with you outside of work, that speaks major volumes. It especially speaks volumes if they let you know they’re going to plan something, and then follow up and let you know the when and where. These days, a lot of guys tend to let plans fall through the cracks or dump the responsibility of the planning up to the woman. I have a high level of respect for a man who shows enough interest to follow through, from conceptualizing the hangout to actually planning it out and setting it up.

17. Does he express an interest in hanging out with you one-on-one? This could mean sitting together at lunch in the cafeteria, or grabbing lunch outside of work or school. This could mean hanging out after work and grabbing dinner or drinks. Work topics will come up but if you find natural conversation flowing to non-work or non-school topics, this is a good sign.

18. Does he try to feel out what your relationship status is? And some guys are smart with this. Especially in a work setting where they don’t want to make things awkward, they’ll find sly little ways of determining whether you’re dating someone. You might take a week off from work, and he might playfully joke, “So, who did you go to Vegas with? You didn’t elope, did you?” Or if you’re moving into a new apartment, he might subtly ask, “Are you moving in with a roommate?” For a company picnic, he might ask, “Are you bringing anyone with you? I’m still trying to decide who to bring.” If you have an open office plan and he sits near you, he might not even have to ask these things. Co-workers often talk, and little clues and information are dropped in everyday conversation.

19. Does he try to align his schedule with yours? You come in early, he comes in early. You stay late, he stays late. You take lunch together sometimes, or at least, he leaves for lunch the same time as you. In a school setting, he might check to see which classes you’re taking in a given semester so he can take some of the same classes. This is an indication that you being in his class or at work with him makes it more fun and enjoyable.

Dating jealous

20. Jealousy/Competitive Edge. This is a touchy one. Let’s take a guy who has been nothing but sweet, kind, and generous to you. He has looked out for you, and teases you on occasion, but you haven’t seen him be mean to anyone – at least, not often enough for you to associate meanness with his personality. Then you make one nice remark about another guy at the office. Maybe you say he works hard, or he said something funny. And this person who has been nothing but kind to you goes off a little. Not much, but enough to slight the person you complimented. “He sucks, he doesn’t work hard at all. He messes up everything.” Or maybe he finds some other way to express that he doesn’t like the person, or thinks lowly of the person – or maybe his reaction is much more subtle. Maybe he just makes an expression of distaste and changes the subject. Possessiveness, in doses, can be cute. He doesn’t want you finding other guys in the office funny, doesn’t want you thinking highly of them. He wants you to be thinking of him only. As long as he doesn’t get out of control with it, this quality can be kind of cute.

21. Does this person pay attention to any other women or girls? Or does he mention them? Hugely important. If a man is interested in you, he wouldn’t want to give any impression that he has his eyes on someone else. He wouldn’t want to mess up his chances and give the wrong impression to you. Mentioning an ex from years ago might be his only mention of women in a romantic sense. If his gaze lingers on another woman that walks by, and for longer than a beat (men appreciate beauty so sometimes they can’t help but glance), or if he is talking about other women he’s pursuing, that is a red flag that he is not interested in you romantically. He may be interested in being friends with you and may value your opinion. If whenever you and he are in each other’s presence, it seems like other women don’t even exist to him – that is a good sign.

22. Does this person respect you? How do we even define respect, in the scope of interest? Maybe it seems like they’re trying to be as courteous and gentlemanly as possible. Offering to carry something for you, opening doors for you, speaking to you in a respectful manner – waiting to determine your comfortability level before dropping perverted jokes on you, not cursing in your presence unless he knows it doesn’t bother you, things of that nature. If you find that this person is attempting to be the best version of themselves, then that is an indication that they care what you think. Caring what you think is an indication that they care about you.

Two office workers standing in file storage room, side view

23. Does this person all of a sudden start dressing better? On your first day, he might be dressed as casually as the company will allow him to be. On your second and third days of work, you notice that his wardrobe has done a complete 180 turn, and now he’s dressing nicer, making sure his hair is neat. When it comes to a sign like this, it’s important to note that if you start on Casual Friday, and are comparing that to what he wears on Monday of next week, then this isn’t a sign. You might just be looking at his casual duds versus his more formal duds. But if Monday-Thursday he dresses casual and then following week he dresses nice every single day…and even dresses up his Casual Friday look…then that might be a sign of interest.

24. Does the person miss you when you aren’t there? This question is kind of self-explanatory, but if you return after a day off or vacation and they mention missing you while you were gone…that is definitely a sign you’re important to them. Some people have more casual ways of expressing this, such as, “You’re never allowed to go on vacation again.” Any indication of missing you though, could possibly be a sign.

25. Everyone else thinks he’s a jerk, but he’s nice to you. I was never one to care what other people think – especially after seeing who they truly were over time. But if several people feel that the guy who might be into you is a complete jerk, but he’s nothing but nice and helpful to you, this could be a sign that he is into you.

26. They laugh at your jokes. Even if they didn’t like you at first, if you’re able to make someone laugh, have a good time, and forget about life’s stresses, someone could grow to like you over time – which is another point I’ll be going over later in this article.

27. Does this person support your decisions and goals? Briefly covered in another section. But if this person is your biggest cheerleader, and supports your decision, even if its at their own expense, that is a sign that they care about you.

28. Does this person lean on you for emotional support or confide in you? We women tend to lean and sometimes we confide. By nature, we are great communicators and expressive of our feelings. But when a man opens up to you, talks to you about how he feels – about just about anything, it’s a big deal. He is showing you that he trusts you, values your opinion, or at least your ability to be a good listener. When a man opens up to you, especially a grown man in his upper twenties, thirties, forties, and older, don’t take it lightly. The same goes for him talking about his personal life, and things he might be dealing with on a personal level.

Dating flirting 6

29. Does this person try to cheer you up when you’re down? This is something that friends do, so this one could just be indicative of friendship. It’s also indicative of a deep connection, though, so it’s worth mentioning. If someone goes out of their way to try to cheer you up, you are important to them. They care about you. They want to see you happy.

30. Does the connection you have with this person feel strong, deep, and organic? There have been some friendships and relationships in the past that might have felt a little forced. Or maybe it felt like they only came to be because you and someone else were in the right place, at the right time in your lives. But with this person, the connection feels like it’s on a deeper level. You feel like you have an understanding and appreciation for each other that is completely organic. Minus the initial few conversations, your conversations grow easier on time, your joking and teasing with each other become like a second nature, and your support of each other automatic…

…Which brings me to one point that I wanted to emphasize. Rather than analyzing about whether or not someone likes you, spend your time and energy getting to know who they are as a person. If you were wondering this about a person you’ve already known and been friends with for years, then you more than anyone else besides him, should know whether or not he’s giving off vibes that he likes you.

Usually a guy will have no qualms with letting a girl know that he’s into him. There are some environments that will prohibit this a bit. Work being a major one. There are definite potential downsides to dating someone you work with. For this reason it can be difficult to read someone’s intentions with you, since they may want to disguise their feelings for you as to not make your work lives awkward or uncomfortable. We must remember that if we are sitting around agonizing over whether or not someone likes us, they could be doing the very same thing – trying to break down your actions and whether or not you like them. Keeping this in mind will help to ease and calm some of your nerves. One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve read in my research has been to assume that they like you already. This will allow you to take so much focus out of analyzing their behavior and allow you to be the carefree, happy, fun-loving person that drew the person to you in the first place. Despite me advising that, some of you will continue to analyze. You just can’t help it. To those people, I say…

After reading this list, try to make note of the different items on the list that apply, and weigh them – but also keep in mind that a lot of the items on this list point towards someone caring about you. That could be as friends, or more. And even if they only want friendship from you now, they could always want more later – if you are in the present, here and now, showing them who you are in all of your adorable, fun, quirky, smart, at times dorky glory.

Kfir Ochaion: The Extremely Talented Guitarist Taking Over Youtube


Meet Kfir Ochaion, the electric guitarist slowly taking over Youtube day by day. His channel has over 150,000 subscribers and every video he uploads hits at least 100k  views and more.

In his words “I use the guitar strings as vocal cords, capturing the human voice with my fingers,” and we haven’t seen anything more accurate. We personally discovered him while searching Youtube drowning in our own tears looking for covers of Prince songs on the day of Prince’s death. Kfir covered “Purple Rain” and we was absolutely amazed. Did we say we cried?

Watch the beautiful cover below :

After seeing that cover and listening to his music we emailed him to do a interview and guess what? He said yes.

Check out the interview below:

TBC: First off I want to thank you for taking the time out your day to talk with us today. We truly appreciate it.
I want to start off by saying that you are truly gifted. I’m sure you’ve been playing a long time. Tell us, when and why did you start playing the guitar ? And does your family have a musical background ?
Kfir: Thank you so much!
I’ve always been attracted to the sound of the guitar and the electric guitar in specific.
I remember myself as a little kid listening to songs like Hotel California, Dazed in Confused and other classic rock songs and felt each guitar solo burning through my bones.One specific solo that really touched me was of the song I Put A Spell On You by Creedence Clearwater Revival and this is the one song that really drove me to play the guitar. My father bought me my first guitar when I was 10 years old. It was a cheap Samick nylon strings guitar but it was so precious to me.
There’s no musical background in my family.
TBC: Just merely being on your page, one can tell that you are inspired by multiple genres of music. Which one speaks to you the most? 
Kfir: I love music. Every genre of it. My main influence is classic rock but I love everything from Baroque through Metal to electronic.
But it is gotta be a good one 🙂
TBC: I see the legend Slash is following you on Instagram. Tell us how did this happen, how you felt etc. Have you met each other?
Kfir: Yes he is!
It was such a nice surprise and I’m very honoured that he is following me. After all he’s one of my biggest idols.
We’ve never met, really hope we will some day.
Which other famous musicians or guitarist’s have you learned the most from?
Kfir :There are so many. From each one I try to take something and put it in my style.
Ritchie Blackmore is one of my main influencers. His playing style in Deep Purple era is very close to what I have in my head as the perfect guitar soloing. Other main influencers are: Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Slash, Al Di Meola and many more.
You post a lot of videos of you just playing the guitar in your home. It’s clear practice is the key of awesome guitar playing. Any advice for beginners like how long to practice a day & what genre of music is the easiest to learn first or practice?
Kfir: Practice is the key.
The more you practice – The better.
There’s no specific genre that is better to practice to.
Most important thing is to enjoy while doing it.
We have to ask was there any hard or tricky parts when you first started to play the guitar?
Most starts aren’t easy.
I had to struggle at first to make a chord sound right.
I also had really crappy gear when I first started and that didn’t make it easy, but I am thankful for what I had.
I personally first discovered you through a Prince cover of one of his classic hits “Purple Rain”. It was absolutely mind blowing. Tell us, how long did that cover take? Did you have tabs or was this all by ear? And what’s your favorite Prince song?

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DJ Semtex Interviews Drake


There are interviews here and there that mark significant moments in Drake’s career. The CRWN interview hosted by Elliott Wilson is one. The Zane Lowe interview was another poignant moment, marking the Views era. CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi’s interview of Drake provided an intimate view of both Drake, the artist, and Aubrey, the man. All of Angie Martinez’s interviews of Drake have provided important glimpses into his playful personality.

With all of this being said, though, as amazing as these interviews were, none of them are quite as important as the interview that aired on OvOSoundRadio (Beats1Radio on Apple Music). This interview captured not only a look into Drake’s current mindset, but also touched on crucial topics and events that haters and critics use in an attempt to define his career.

The Grammys, writing for Dr. Dre, Quentin Miller, Meek Mill, Xtentacion, all topics addressed in the interview that aired tonight.

The link to the interview is up on ThaChampagneRoom page, but I’ll also leave it here – it is best that you listen to the interview before reading the rest of this article.

It is quite possible that this interview will go down as being the most important interview of Drake’s career. In the past, he rarely addressed accusations against him in a direct manner. Instead of addressing rumors, gossip, or accusations directly, he made a habit of telling interviewers that the answers are in the music, that he speaks on the things that happen to him and because of him in his lyrics. While he mentioned that again in this interview, he did open up – quite uncharacteristically – regarding topics that have been on the minds of haters, critics, and fans alike for the past year or two.

If you’ve ever taken a gander at @champagnepapi’s comments section, you may have seen commenters refer to him as a “culture vulture.” People have said that he uses dancehall, uses London grime music, and other styles of music so that he can capitalize off of it. In this interview, Drake maintained that his intention when channeling these styles of music isn’t using the music to his own advantage, but moreso showing love and appreciation to artists who he has come to appreciate. The haters who shoot off with these crazy comments are quick to forget that Toronto is a melting pot of different cultures, similar to London. This is a point that he also mentions in the interview.

When speaking on the track “Pop Style,” a song that featured Kanye West, Drake, and Jay-Z, Drake said: “…And then, you know, I’m not really sure of the details between how that conversation was miscommunicated or what they were going through at the time, or, you know, what anybody felt towards me, or whatever it was, I’m not really sure, but the next thing I knew it just became a bit of an issue. I don’t waste too much time, so I just was like, All right cool, I’ll finish it…I can rap just as good as anybody else. I’ll just go finish the song and put forth my own version. ‘Cause nobody can, like, dangle anything over my head in this business. You know? I don’t play that. So…it just needed to be done, and I did it myself. Both versions exist, you know, so…When Kanye comes out to do it at the shows, it goes crazy.”

In regards to Kanye, Drake said, “I’m not really sure what he’s referring to half the time, you know, because in the same breath I went from working on a project with him, to him sort of like, publicly shi**ing on me and DJ Khaled for being on the radio too much. Me, when I hear that, I just distance myself from it. I don’t really even understand the point you’re trying to make, but whatever it is you’re going through, I accept it. I don’t respect it at all, because I feel like me and Khaled are both just like…good people. I’m not sure why we’re the target of the choice you made that night, but again – I accept what you’re going through. The more and more this progresses, the more and more I just feel like keeping to myself, ’cause it’s just so unpredictable. You never know which way people are gonna go.”

DJ Semtex did a great job of balancing this interview, because he went from serious moments like that, to more light-hearted moments of asking Drake why he put a line about why he’s acting light-skinned in “Child’s Play,” back to serious topics such as Drake’s ethnic background.

In regards to his upbringing, Drake said, “I really have been grateful in my life to be born in Canada, and just…the journey that I had growing up was a very accepting journey. I always had friends from all different backgrounds, all different walks of life. We all get along. I never really notice color, religion. We just don’t live like that. There’s really not that much segregation in Canada, and especially in Toronto. It’s like a cultural mosaic. It’s made up of so many beautiful people from beautiful places, and you get to actually learn… you ever develop hate. The first time I really experienced it was when I got famous and went to America, and people would challenge me, like I don’t understand how it[racism] works. Like… “Oh you’re Canadian, you’ll never understand the Black American struggle.” If I ever feel like an outsider, it’s usually because I’m not American, to be honest with you. That’s when I feel like people are against me. I am mixed, I am Jewish. At the end of the day, I’ll tell you, when it comes to everything else, I’m Black. I’m referred to as a Black artist. Last night, at that award show, I’m a Black artist. I’m apparently a rapper, even though ‘Hotline Bling’ is not a rap song. The only category that they can manage to fit me in is a rap category, because…maybe because I’ve rapped in the past, or because I’m Black, I can’t figure out why. Just like I can’t figure out why ‘One Dance’ wasn’t nominated.”

Drake goes on to say, “I love the rap world and I love the rap community, but you’re right, I write pop songs for a reason. I wanna be like Michael Jackson. I wanna be like artists that I looked up to. Those are pop songs. But I never get any credit for that. By the way, I’m speaking to you as a winner from last night. I won two awards last night, but I don’t even want them. Because it just feels weird for some reason. It just doesn’t feel right to me.”

Listening to Drake talk about the Grammys was literally life. He spoke on how it’s great to experience a night like Chance the Rapper did, as he won three awards that night. But he said that for the kids coming up who didn’t get to have a night like Chance’s, that’s fine, too. He expressed that awards shouldn’t define good art, and good work.

On the Quentin Miller/Meek Mill situation: “Meek Mill, at the time, due to some issue with Nicki or whatever it was, decided to create a narrative that I don’t write my own music, because that was what was convenient for him at the time…The reason why I never felt pressured to sit down and defend myself right away or go do an interview is just because anybody that was in those rooms that worked on that project or anybody that has been in any room with me period knows that, first of all, I am one of the best writers period. That is what I do, and what I’m known for. I write for other people. The massive majority of my catalog has been written solely by me, which is a big feat – because music is a collaborative process. With those isolated records, they just wouldn’t be what they were if it wasn’t for me, if it wasn’t for my pen and my contributions to that – not taking away from [Quentin]. We did great work together in a very small space. It really just kind of blossomed into this thing where I became the poster child for ghostwriting, which is a huge conversation now in music. If I was an evil spirit, if I had a different agenda, I could sit here and tell you how this shit really works. I could sit here and tell you ten, twenty people that are worse than me. You know? But I’m not like that. When my peers get a record, I’m happy. It’s great. I doesn’t matter where it comes from, I don’t care. But for me it was a big deal, because it wasn’t the truth…You could interview Meek and you could ask him if he thinks if it was worth it, I bet he’d tell you ‘No.'”

Drake on “Back to Back”: “It hurt and I wanted to hurt. I really did. I can take a lot of things, a lot of criticism, a lot of negativity. People say terrible things about me and that’s fine. That is just unfortunately this very sad generation we live in, where people get off on bullying people on the internet. So I can take all that. But man, you really tried to like… and you know how good I am at writing music. But you really tried to not only spin the entire narrative of my career, but end my life, and like…take food from my family, and try and pretty much end it all. And you didn’t even do it through music, you just talked or Tweeted. It was like…sickening to me. I had to really get revenge on that situation. Like I said, I respect revenge when it’s warranted and that was just warranted. It’s not something that I’m proud of because it took an emotional toll on me. If he had revealed some huge thing, you would have heard peers of mine chime in. I think every single person that I’ve ever worked with or shared studio time with knows how hard I work, man. To try and discredit me for that is crazy. That’s just what I’m known for, it’s what I do.”

Information many people learned from this interview:

  • Drake was pitched by the Grammys to cancel two of his concert shows so that he could attend the show(he chose to stay and performed at his Manchester tour shows, and was glad that he did since they were two of the strongest shows on his Boy Meets World Tour so far).
  • Dr. Dre issued out Drake’s first check as a music artist/songwriter.
  • Drake and Quentin Miller collaborated on the tracks together, and he had a significant amount of input regarding the lyrics, the cadence, which lines to include or exclude. The reference tracks were from the collab sessions between Quentin and Drake.
  • Drake feels that artists turning on him is a pattern in his career.
  • At the start of the Meek Mill beef, Drake thought that it had been something that was brewing for months and that Meek was prepared – he expected Meek to have a higher level rapper on the diss track with him, but when Drake heard the track, realized that Meek was completely unprepared and acting off of emotions.
  • The first racism that Drake says he felt was when he came to America and people felt that he couldn’t understand the Black American struggle – in past interviews, though, Drake also mentioned less-than-pleasant treatment from fellow students.
  • Drake feels that this generation gets off on bullying people on the internet.
  • Drake doesn’t have a level of respect for Meek because of his actions, and doesn’t see them ever being friends. “I’m not trying to make any songs, or like be boys, or none of that sh**. I’m good, I feel great. I’m happy with my friends, I’m happy with doing my music over here. It doesn’t need to go anywhere from here because we look stupid if we keep it going.”
  • Drake has been a Skepta fan for a long time and Oliver helped link the two. Drake felt that Skepta should be bigger than he was.
  • Drake loves the complexity and cadences in London rap and grime.
  • Drake credits Skepta for giving him an open-mindedness regarding recording tracks such as “One Dance” and “Controlla.”
  • Drake is proud to pen music that others are categorizing as pop, and doesn’t view that as an insult.
  • Drake feels like sometimes he’s fighting against his own success – he feels that his good intentions are often twisted.
  • Drake didn’t even know who Xtentacion was, and had to look him up and listen to his music. While he can understand why people would draw the comparison, he chose his own cadence and rap pattern for the Giggs collab track.

All in all, this interview will most likely go down as his best. Whereas in the past he has answered some of the tough questions in a vague manner. However, in this interview he was candid and spoke a lot more freely than he has in the past. He touched on topics that people, fans and haters alike, needed to hear him touch on. The ghostwriting allegations were a big mark on his career. Those allegations had some of his own fans questioning him. While I understand why an artist wouldn’t want to give attention to false allegations, this particular allegation was something that we needed him to sound off on. For as hard as he has worked to get to where he is, it would have been a shame if he had allowed that mark to blemish an otherwise phenomenal career. Kudos to DJ Semtex for hosting this interview, and kudos to Drake for speaking so openly. I also have to give Drake kudos for caring more about the fans who purchased tickets for his Manchester shows than attending the Grammys. That attests to his true character. Not only was it wise for him to do, but it was also the right thing to do.

Changing Your Life for the Better


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of discontentment. You’re dissatisfied with where your life is right now, but you don’t know the first step to getting to where you go. Or maybe you’re just dissatisfied with one area of your life, or a part of yourself. There may be other people in your life, family and friends, who are unhappy with their own lives. It makes for good conversation over drinks, or during lunch period at school, or while the kids are outside playing in the yard. And generally speaking, for a lot of people, that is the most action taken – talking about your problems and then returning back to them, only to repeat the cycle once you get close to another breaking point.

Why is it that so many people allow their own discontentment and dissatisfaction to continue? Why do so many of us complain about our problems ad infinitum without making a serious attempt to change them? Most of the solutions to our problems are obvious.

I’m unhappy with my weight; I want to lose twenty pounds. The solution? Drop twenty pounds. So why is it, then, that instead of making the decision to lose those points and take the necessary action to do so, I whine about it for months on end, diet for one week, go back to my original unhealthy eating habits, and then whine some more?

Female became skinny and wearing old jeans

I’m unhappy with where my career is; instead of working in a deadend entry level office job, I’d rather be a singer. The solution? Get my songs out there for public consumption to help increase your chances of becoming a professional singer. So why is it, then, that I continue suffering through the commute to work, suffering through the work day while feeling increasingly irritable as the days and months elapse?


Chloe and Halle

There are reasons why we do this. Sometimes it’s because our cause seems hopeless. We focus so much on the statistics, the odds of making it, that we can’t imagine ourselves succeeding. So instead of trying, we just find a way to halfway tolerate the cards we were dealt. Sometimes all we see is the position we are currently in and the end goal, the position we would like to be in. The distance between the two seems so vast, so far off in the distance, that we can’t even begin to try to determine the proper steps to getting where we want to go. And sometimes we’re just lazy. We want the payday without a bunch of grunt work.

In order to start improving your quality of life, you must first determine exactly what you’re unhappy with. Make a list. This is a list you can easily make on a lunch break at work, or during the commercials of watching your favorite show. Once you’ve made this list, you have taken the first step to making your life better. And all you had to do to take this first step was take ten minutes out of your life and sit down with a pen and a sheet of paper. Since lists are broken out in an easier to read format, I’m going to proceed by outlining the steps to improving your life.

  1. Determine exactly what about your life you are unhappy with – make a list.
  2. Take each area or element you are unhappy with, and list the steps it would take to improve or rectify the issue (I’ll provide examples later on).
  3. Prioritize which of the steps you should take action on first – you may want to prioritize by either which steps you can take action on immediately, or by which areas of your life are in dire need of change.
  4. Designate time for working towards the change you need in your life.

These steps look simple enough, don’t they? Whether or not task is simple or difficult to achieve is relative, of course – but most of the things we wish to achieve aren’t nearly as difficult as they at first seem to be. Most of the things we want to accomplish just need to be broken down into smaller steps.

I wanted to give a few examples of this, because it’s easy to give the advice to take what you want to do and break it down into steps. Some will still have trouble with applying that advice to their own goals.

From a teenager’s perspective, let’s say that an area of your life that you are unhappy with is the fact that your parents don’t take your dreams seriously. Let’s say that your dream is to become an actor. This is a multi-layered goal really, because you’re wanting both to become an actor and you’re wanting your parents to take that seriously. At the end of the day, your parents want what is best for you and they want you to secure a happy future. When it comes to dreams relating to the arts, there are a ton of question marks there. Will you be able to step foot inside of the industry you’re aiming for? Once you do, will you be able to obtain any measurement of success? Is this something that will allow you to afford to sustain your living and recreational expenses? These are all questions that your parents want you to consider. For this example, I’m going to display two lists: the list I would create for getting my parents to take my dreams seriously, and the list I would create for my dreams of becoming an actor. First things first in getting your parents to take your dreams seriously is to demonstrate to them that your dream isn’t just fluff, isn’t just a whimsical hobby you’re using to pass the time.

Showing the Parentals I’m Serious About My Aspirations

  1. Research dream or aspirations and take notes. Print out informational pages and keep them in a binder. Continue adding to these notes.
  2. Participate in my craft (if acting is my dream, try out for school plays and community theater; if music production is my dream, work on making music, or volunteer that music to your school plays/community theater/local nightclubs/local radio shows; if dancing is my dream, dance in the school musical or talent show; if art is my craft, submit artwork to local art shows, or give a piece of art to your parents for their birthday)
  3. Invite parents to the events I participate in, so they have a chance to see my performance. This gives them a chance to see my talent.
  4. Look into art colleges, and research scholarships that could be applied to those colleges. Since this is my dream, it proves to my parents that I’m taking my goals seriously when I’m willing to do a lot of the legwork.
  5. After having completed some of these steps, sit down and have a serious heart-to-heart with my parents to explain my aspirations to them, how seriously I take them, and if I want to go the extra mile, ask if I have their support.

Acting Aspirations (How to Become A Successful Actor

  1. Study and practice my craft (this would involve watching behind-the-scenes documentaries, or movies with the director’s and actors’ commentary on it, so I can see the challenges and rewards the actors were faced with during those productions)
  2. Participate in my craft (see list above)
  3. Look into acting schools or art colleges and research scholarships (see above) – and while doing this, also looking for productions that are casting for parts.
  4. Audition for roles in local plays, commercials, television show productions, and films – commercials, TV shows, and films aren’t only filmed in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and New York City. The vast majority of The Vampire Diaries is shot in Convington, Georgia. The television show Empire is usually filmed in the Chicago area. Check for anything being produced locally.
  5. Network with other actors. In most industries, networking is key – even if I don’t hear of certain opportunities, my fellow actor friends might hear of an opportunity that is a good fit for me. Or maybe there’s a project they’re already working on that I can be involved with.
  6. Be creative and think outside of the box. Document my journey to becoming an actor and post it on YouTube to start building an audience/following. Create a blog for it and share it with the world. If nothing else picks up, then my YouTube video or blog might, which could lead to opportunities.
  7. As you are auditioning and networking, continue working on my craft, as this should be an ongoing thing to help ensure I am nurturing my talent.


We live in an information age where there is so much information at our fingertips. The information is just there, waiting for you to take advantage and sift through it. If I’m an aspiring actor, I can Google forums where current actors in the industry are griping about the challenges they’re faced with. I can Google the different things that actors find rewarding about the job. I can go to YouTube and check audition videos to see what production teams liked or didn’t like about a certain audition, or check their blogs to see what they say they like and don’t like about auditions. Or I can view the audition videos just to see what a real audition is like, so I know what to expect when I get there. This age that we’re in can give us a helping hand in getting to where we want to go, if only we’re willing to do the research and do the work.

You can create lists like this for just about any goal you want to achieve. It might be the single most easiest and most enriching things that you will do for yourself. At times we can feel helpless, or like we aren’t in control of our own lives. But writing everything out and seeing how easy some of the steps can be, can help to motivate you to get off of your can and actually make progress.

If you’re wanting to make the needed changes in your life, self-motivation is key. Someone else shouldn’t have to nudge you to do it. Other people will rarely take the time to nudge you to handle your own business. After all, they have their own lives to worry about. The responsibility, then, for you to get your life together rests fully on your shoulders. And if a better life won’t motivate you, you need to determine what will.

You are in control of your own future happiness. Now, it’s time for you to start acting like it.

The Inspiration Behind ThaBossCode


For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Kaliamena Brooklyn Starr. And for those of you who screwed up your face, like How the hell am I supposed to pronounced that, you can call me “Kae” for short. I am the founder of ThaBossCode.com. I am also a student in college; don’t mistake that to mean that I am in my early twenties. I’m not. I’m in my early thirties, and made the decision to go back and get my degree to teach secondary education. In addition to school and this website, I also work a full-time job. In addition to that, I run the Drake fanpage on Instagram, @ovo_fans_ovo (yes, I’m in my thirties and I run a fanpage – sue me). And some of you out there don’t know me as Kaliamena Starr, but as Shi1ohSanders (on Wattpad). A lot of different plates to juggle. Why, then, would I add to those plates by throwing this website into the mix? There are very valid reasons for that. In due time.

This website is currently in its fledgling stages. You are witnessing the very beginning of a site that I hope will become a way of life. Let me fall back a few steps and explain why that is my sincere hope for this site.

Let’s talk about where I came up with the idea for this site.

I look around at a lot of entertainment news today and I see a lot of messiness. I see a lot of inaccurate/untrue reporting, a lot of unethical reporting. I see a lot of negativity, a lot of shading artists who are simply trying to make a living while performing in their respective art fields. I see a lot of slow news days filled with reports on reality show “stars,” and I see a lot of superficiality. There is nothing wrong with focusing on reporting entertainment, but what I wanted to see more of were sites that also promoted the betterment of all of us as people. What I wanted to see more of was ethical reporting, straightforward and direct reporting without angles, praising our stars rather than tearing them down, only to placate them later, and articles aimed at improving the quality of life for the average person – not just for our celebrities. Surely, there had to be a way to bring all of this together in one cohesive site. There had to be a way to give people their guilty pleasures, their celebrity reports, videos, and interviews, while also encouraging them to improve their careers, their love lives, their family lives, their school lives, and their overall quality of life. And there had to be a way to give someone all of these things, without the need for clicking on a ton of different websites.

This site has a little bit of everything, quite literally. You’ve got general entertainment news, entertainment-themed articles, a hip hop section, featured artist section, indie section, Drake literally has his own section and I’ll explain why a bit later, career/business articles, dating advice, lifestyle articles and advice, teens have their own section, health and fitness, beauty, fashion, finance advice, and there are more sections coming up soon, once I find dedicated writers for them (such as sports and politics). This site has content that you can trust, which should reduce the amount of YouTube videos you click on, only to realize you’ve just been RickRolled or fooled by a video with a deliberately misleading title.

My goal is for this site to have an overall theme: that the celebrities we report on aren’t the only bosses around. You, yourself, are a boss in your own right. And if you’re not and you want to be, you can be. A mantra that you will often see me incorporate into the articles I write is that we tend to make life more complicated than it needs to be. All we know is, we want to be a rapper. We think of where we are now, and we think of what Drake is doing now, and can’t make a connect as to how to get there. There are steps, especially with today’s technology, that can help set you onto the path of becoming a successful rapper. It doesn’t always consist of forcing your music onto whoever will listen to it. It doesn’t always consist of begging a celebrity to check out your demo. If this is what your dream is, then we should talk about it. Start an open discussion for anyone who wants to join in. We have forums where you can talk about anything under the moon, including your dreams and making them come true. Maybe there are others close to you, in your general location, working towards the same dream. You know never what you’re going to stumble across on this site and that is what I feel is so beautiful about it.

Speaking of Drake, why the hell does he have his own dedicated section on this site? We can start off with the fact that he deserves it. He is a music industry phenomenon, having carved out his own lane in the hip hop industry. This isn’t a fact that I’m willing to even argue over at this point. It is fact. Moving on from that, if you feel that he personally doesn’t deserve his own section, this his fans most certainly do deserve it. His fans are some of the sweetest, most adorable people I’ve come across while running the fanpage. They are insanely loyal, incredibly funny, and have become like a second family to me. The Drake section is dedicated to them. From a journalistic point of view, I’ve seen certain media outlets report on him with a very…slanted, biased viewpoint. Their stories are tainted with disdain or outright judgemental, or some are only reporting whenever they get the chance to shed a bad light on him. Granted, I am also a bit biased, but know this: if he does something wrong, I have no issues with saying he has done something wrong. Just because I admire the man’s music and the way he carries himself, doesn’t mean that I don’t have the common sense to question some of his dating habits. But because my main focus is his music and his personal life is ultimately none of my damned business, my viewpoints of him as an artist are based on his actual music and artistry. As I’m typing this out, I’m wondering whether or not I should also give Nine Inch Nails and The XX their own sections as well, as these other two music acts have also created music that moves me.

All in all, this website is supposed to be a place where you can relax and review content relating to your field of interest. Since this website is WordPress-based, you can comment and like posts. This is the best way to let us know whether we are doing a good job or not, and this is the best way to express your own opinions about any given topic. Please keep responses respectful, when opposing someone else’s viewpoint. You are also able to communicate on the forum. I am still working on this forum, and get threads added for each topic category. That will be complete over the next few weeks; feel free to add threads, if there is something on your mind.

That is pretty much it.

The only things left to say at this point are, thank you for stopping by, and welcome…

To ThaBossCode.


Best Regards,

Kaliamena B. Starr