The Inspiration Behind ThaBossCode


For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Kaliamena Brooklyn Starr. And for those of you who screwed up your face, like How the hell am I supposed to pronounced that, you can call me “Kae” for short. I am the founder of I am also a student in college; don’t mistake that to mean that I am in my early twenties. I’m not. I’m in my early thirties, and made the decision to go back and get my degree to teach secondary education. In addition to school and this website, I also work a full-time job. In addition to that, I run the Drake fanpage on Instagram, @ovo_fans_ovo (yes, I’m in my thirties and I run a fanpage – sue me). And some of you out there don’t know me as Kaliamena Starr, but as Shi1ohSanders (on Wattpad). A lot of different plates to juggle. Why, then, would I add to those plates by throwing this website into the mix? There are very valid reasons for that. In due time.

This website is currently in its fledgling stages. You are witnessing the very beginning of a site that I hope will become a way of life. Let me fall back a few steps and explain why that is my sincere hope for this site.

Let’s talk about where I came up with the idea for this site.

I look around at a lot of entertainment news today and I see a lot of messiness. I see a lot of inaccurate/untrue reporting, a lot of unethical reporting. I see a lot of negativity, a lot of shading artists who are simply trying to make a living while performing in their respective art fields. I see a lot of slow news days filled with reports on reality show “stars,” and I see a lot of superficiality. There is nothing wrong with focusing on reporting entertainment, but what I wanted to see more of were sites that also promoted the betterment of all of us as people. What I wanted to see more of was ethical reporting, straightforward and direct reporting without angles, praising our stars rather than tearing them down, only to placate them later, and articles aimed at improving the quality of life for the average person – not just for our celebrities. Surely, there had to be a way to bring all of this together in one cohesive site. There had to be a way to give people their guilty pleasures, their celebrity reports, videos, and interviews, while also encouraging them to improve their careers, their love lives, their family lives, their school lives, and their overall quality of life. And there had to be a way to give someone all of these things, without the need for clicking on a ton of different websites.

This site has a little bit of everything, quite literally. You’ve got general entertainment news, entertainment-themed articles, a hip hop section, featured artist section, indie section, Drake literally has his own section and I’ll explain why a bit later, career/business articles, dating advice, lifestyle articles and advice, teens have their own section, health and fitness, beauty, fashion, finance advice, and there are more sections coming up soon, once I find dedicated writers for them (such as sports and politics). This site has content that you can trust, which should reduce the amount of YouTube videos you click on, only to realize you’ve just been RickRolled or fooled by a video with a deliberately misleading title.

My goal is for this site to have an overall theme: that the celebrities we report on aren’t the only bosses around. You, yourself, are a boss in your own right. And if you’re not and you want to be, you can be. A mantra that you will often see me incorporate into the articles I write is that we tend to make life more complicated than it needs to be. All we know is, we want to be a rapper. We think of where we are now, and we think of what Drake is doing now, and can’t make a connect as to how to get there. There are steps, especially with today’s technology, that can help set you onto the path of becoming a successful rapper. It doesn’t always consist of forcing your music onto whoever will listen to it. It doesn’t always consist of begging a celebrity to check out your demo. If this is what your dream is, then we should talk about it. Start an open discussion for anyone who wants to join in. We have forums where you can talk about anything under the moon, including your dreams and making them come true. Maybe there are others close to you, in your general location, working towards the same dream. You know never what you’re going to stumble across on this site and that is what I feel is so beautiful about it.

Speaking of Drake, why the hell does he have his own dedicated section on this site? We can start off with the fact that he deserves it. He is a music industry phenomenon, having carved out his own lane in the hip hop industry. This isn’t a fact that I’m willing to even argue over at this point. It is fact. Moving on from that, if you feel that he personally doesn’t deserve his own section, this his fans most certainly do deserve it. His fans are some of the sweetest, most adorable people I’ve come across while running the fanpage. They are insanely loyal, incredibly funny, and have become like a second family to me. The Drake section is dedicated to them. From a journalistic point of view, I’ve seen certain media outlets report on him with a very…slanted, biased viewpoint. Their stories are tainted with disdain or outright judgemental, or some are only reporting whenever they get the chance to shed a bad light on him. Granted, I am also a bit biased, but know this: if he does something wrong, I have no issues with saying he has done something wrong. Just because I admire the man’s music and the way he carries himself, doesn’t mean that I don’t have the common sense to question some of his dating habits. But because my main focus is his music and his personal life is ultimately none of my damned business, my viewpoints of him as an artist are based on his actual music and artistry. As I’m typing this out, I’m wondering whether or not I should also give Nine Inch Nails and The XX their own sections as well, as these other two music acts have also created music that moves me.

All in all, this website is supposed to be a place where you can relax and review content relating to your field of interest. Since this website is WordPress-based, you can comment and like posts. This is the best way to let us know whether we are doing a good job or not, and this is the best way to express your own opinions about any given topic. Please keep responses respectful, when opposing someone else’s viewpoint. You are also able to communicate on the forum. I am still working on this forum, and get threads added for each topic category. That will be complete over the next few weeks; feel free to add threads, if there is something on your mind.

That is pretty much it.

The only things left to say at this point are, thank you for stopping by, and welcome…

To ThaBossCode.


Best Regards,

Kaliamena B. Starr




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