Walk with Yourself


Walking the path and journey to a pure love, a love that’s undeniable, a love that’s true; to receive that love from a person you must first find that love within yourself.

Recently, I’ve talked about knowing yourself and knowing your worth (Know Yourself, Know Your Worth) and also there’s a article about recognizing self-love (Are You the Love of Your Life?) .

I want to discuss the journey and paths of self-love. When you recognize that you need to take that oath of self-love, it can be a struggle because you can slip back into your old ways or get frightened by what you see, what you must accept.

Self-love is as powerful as your thoughts. Just like your mind you must be taken care of, you must speak positive words to the part of yourself you feel was ugly but never was. You must think positive; sometimes, you have to shift your entire thought process in reference to how you regard yourself.

Self-love is a slow process, but I’ve been on this journey awhile now. I went from never picking up a camera to becoming a self-proclaimed selfie queen; I went from gym crazy because I hated the way my body looked to eating, being healthy and accepting the way my body looks. It’s a tough process.

I want to share some things with you all today to bring you from being super insecure to secured with confidence. In reality, we will always have some form of insecurity, but the key is to fight and accept those insecurities. They key is loving them – which is the definition of self-love.

Here is a list of thing you can try to strengthen your esteem:

1: Start off by taking five minutes out of the day. Do this until you can take ten minutes out of the day and stare at yourself fully. Find those things that make you want to cover up or hide, and compliment them. Become body positive.

2: Take pictures of yourself and challenge yourself to post the worst picture of yourself that you feel is bad. We are often our worst critics, but you need to realize that no matter how bad you feel a photo is, you’re beautiful.Stare into your camera and be you, and watch how your view of yourself begins to change.

3: Become your biggest fan – cheer yourself on with everything you do.

4: Change the way you think, change your life and how people treat you. People will start to see your confidence and will want to know how

5: Love yourself and you’ll attract people that will love you.

6: Become okay with being alone and loving your presence, become selfish with yourself and time.

7: Pray for strength, give love, and accept love.

Those are the main keys to self love. There are so much more, but when you start that journey you’ll soon figure that out on your own.

I challenge you today to take time and love yourself.


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