Jhene Aiko Stops by Ebro in the Morning to Dish Tea


Jhene Aiko stopped by Ebro in The Morning to talk about freedom of sexuality, her new single “Maniac,” and how she believes that Big Sean is “one of the best rappers ever.”

Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg sat down with Aiko and got straight into the lyrics of her new single “Maniac” and why people are prudish when it comes to women publicly discussing sex in depth.

When Ebro asked if she and boyfriend Big Sean have an amazing sex life, Aiko was not into discussing; she said sex was the inspiration behind her song “Maniac”, but would neither confirm or deny if the song was about sex between her and Big Sean. However, the woman who is known to be lethal with the pen said that she got some help from Sean and producer Detail who worked with the two on “2 Minute Warning” off of the Twenty88 EP.

We also find out that Aiko was a Bernie Sanders supporter as she discussed politics with the trio. She didn’t publicly reveal the name of her upcoming album or the release date, but she said fans “won’t wait too long.” and that this project is who she really is fully and that the project is “Artistry”.

Watch the interview in full and check out the pictures below:


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