The Awkward Files


Whenever I’m at home, or around the few friends I do have, I’m comfortable enough to speak my mind. But whenever I get around anyone else, I seem to never know what to do. I seem to never know what to say. The strangest stuff comes out of my mouth, and I don’t even know where it comes from. Just my nervousness talking and fighting its way out, which always causes awkwardness.

I feel like I don’t fit in, like no one understands me. Whenever I walk into class, I feel like everyone’s staring at me…like I have a spitball in my hair or something. That feeling just causes me to feel even more awkward.


You’re in high school. High school is that important period of your life, the period where you get to live out your last days as a kid while preparing yourself for adulthood. You’re growing, learning how to interact with other people, and guess what – so is everyone else in class. There are going to be the kids who are social butterflies, who speak without any awkward breaks or pauses, as if they’ve been doing it for far much longer than you have. A lot of other kids in your school feel the same way you do, though.

Shy Student Hiding Behind Note Cards During Class Presentati

When you are in school, you’re surrounded by peers. They are kids who are no better than you are, no worse than you are. There is no need to be nervous around them. They’d probably relate to you more than you think.

As far as feeling understood…almost no one feels understood in high school. It’s almost a prerequisite to feel misunderstood. You’re a teenager.

So relax, and talk to who you want to talk to. Crack a joke when you feel comfortable enough and don’t worry about how the person receives it. Instead of stressing out over the little things, savor this time in your life. It’s fleeting, and for many people, high school are some of the best years of their lives. There is much for you to look forward to, but enjoy the fun moments that you’re currently living. Always strive to be the best version of yourself. Instead of fitting in, allow your bright personality to stand out.


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