Enhancing Your Inner Beauty


The fun that you can experience with hair and makeup is literally endless. There are so many different styles and looks that you can go for, so many products that you can try. As a writer, I always like to set the foundation – no, not foundation as in makeup. I mean laying foundation, as in groundwork. So before delving into the hair and makeup articles, I am writing this introductory article. It is an article meant to set the tone for future articles, and a running theme throughout this entire site of the betterment of yourself.

In regards to hair and makeup, the betterment of yourself theme would run with loving who you are and how you look, even with your hair looking crazy and with no makeup on. You are changing up your hair and applying makeup to enhance beauty that already exists. We’ve seen the magic that makeup can create, but at the end of the day when you lay your head on that pillow at night (hopefully) you aren’t wearing makeup – barring those wild and crazy nights after the club. In all seriousness, too often I see people take their own beauty for granted. I see people say that they are covering up their flaws but that isn’t the right mentality to have. That is something that you need to address within yourself.

Hair and makeup aren’t covering up your flaws. They are accentuating your beautiful, unique features. And even if you are a heavy-duty makeup maven, three snaps for you – but there should still be days when you go out into the world fresh-faced and makeup free, save a bit of lip gloss. Let your skin breathe. Let your hair down, or let out that ‘fro and let it relax in its natural state. Go without the extensions and extraness and just be you, out in the world. No matter how much you love makeup, you’ve got to admit: there’s a certain beauty to that.

The featured image for this post is from DivaDollFlawless on YouTube



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