The Invasion of DraLo on Your Timeline


Rihanna. Serena Williams. Jennifer Lopez? Drake’s dating roster reads like the introduction to the most epic memoir of all time. In early December, rumors started buzzing about a possible romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez, when he attended her residence show in Las Vegas more than once. Shortly after, both the rapper and singer/actress/fashionista posted Instagram photos displaying a shared embrace that looks especially cozy.

At the possibility that these too had boo’ed up, fans and non-fans had varying reactions, ranging all the way from “They look cute together” to “She’s old enough to be his aunt/mom/some other odd female relation that trolls felt the need to mention on social media.” Those with enough time on their hands for foolery, created memes showing old photos of Drake and JLo, photos where Drake was a kid and where JLo was an adult.

The fact that the couple isn’t snapping photos together or putting themselves in our faces day in and day out speaks to the fact that they could really be dating. Would that really be so bad? Is their age difference really that staggering, when society has grown to accept when 50 and 60-year-old men feel the need to date young women in their twenties? For the record, Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old and Drake recently turned 30 years old. That is a seventeen year difference. Both of them are adults, but of course in this day and age, everyone with an internet-capable phone or computer feels that they can dictate who should and shouldn’t date. Meanwhile, it’s okay for a man resembling the Cryptkeeper, with one foot in the grave, to date a girl who’s still in college.

Since posting the identical photos on Instagram, the two stars have been sighted together on New Year’s Eve in Vegas, where Drake hosted at the Hakkasan nightclub. Reports have surfaced that he has purchased her a $100,000 necklace for JLo – which cued up a bunch of “Apparently JLo’s love does cost a thing,” and “Silly Drake – don’t you know that Jenny’s love don’t cost a thing” comments and headlines.

I personally think they look good together and would love the effect their relationship would have on perceived dating norms. Aaliyah once attempted to tell us that age ain’t nothing but a number, but apparently some people need to be reminded of that sentiment.

There are fans who are heartbroken to discover that Drake and Rihanna are no longer together, but in general it isn’t a good idea to be that invested in a celebrity’s or anyone else’s relationship. People are people and relationships aren’t easy. Relationships are especially difficult when you’re an entertainer whose career causes them to spend extended periods of time away from their significant other. The bottom line is, you never know what’s going to happen. Rather than obsess over their personal relationships, remember why you started liking that celebrity in the first place. Chances are, you started liking them because of their art. Their art deserves your emotional investment a lot more than their personal life does.


We will see what becomes of DraLo. Footage has already surfaced of the two dancing at a fake prom to music that sounded like a collaborative track they worked together on. Who knows? Maybe they are actually making beautiful music together, literally and figuratively. Or maybe sly Drake is pulling a fast one on us. Only time will tell.



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