Time Management


Work. Family. Friends. Your business aspirations. Personal time for relaxation. Sometimes i seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Your day job takes a lot of energy out of you, understandably. Most of us would like nothing more than to eat and relax when we get home, but that isn’t always possible when we have families depending on us, or our own business aspirations that need tending to.

Time management is a crucial element of maintaining a healthy well-being while juggling so many different roles at once. Simply put, time management keeps you from going completely nuts.

The Lifestyle page covers scheduling and writing down your ideas, which is a big part of time management. Writing down your schedule will save you a lot of headaches, and a lot of stress from trying to memorize every detail of a schedule that most likely changes from time to time. While planning  and writing down a schedule is a big part of time management, more goes into effectively managing your time.

Before you can write down a schedule, you have to determine the schedule. In determining a schedule, it is important to factor in your work schedule, any important family events, and any important social events. In addition to these, you would also want to designate time for the following:

1) Scheduled family time

2) Scheduled personal time

It can often seem like getting time to yourself is impossible, but there is always a way. Find it. Scheduling time with your family, where the tip of your nose isn’t pressed onto the screen of your cell phone, or where your face isn’t buried in a book, is also important. When entrepreneurs aim to start their businesses, it is quite easy for his or her family to feel neglected. Many families will understand but you don’t want your family life to suffer. That would only result in stress and quite possibly, regret.

On the other end of the spectrum, you won’t get very far with your hopes and dreams if you’re spending every night clubbing and partying the night away. Going out a little is fine and even strongly encouraged but the keyword in all of this would be: balance. Continue maintaining a healthy social life, and continue spending time with your family, all while fitting in time to spend on your work and making your business a reality.

You may also find unexpected chances to work on your business projects. For example, if you get downtime at work, that is a great time to jot down some notes or ideas. That is a part of my “Get paid to get paid” philosophy, getting paid at your day job while investing time that will result in you getting paid once your business is up and running. If taking advantage of this philosophy, you’d just want to make sure that you aren’t risking disciplinary action. Don’t take action like this overboard. Make sure that your day job is still your priority – while you’re there. But generally, in most fields, jotting down notes throughout the day wouldn’t hurt.

     Too often, we take our own time for granted. We invest too much of it in people or activities that don’t enrich our lives or advance our own goals. Fortunately, though, managing your time is within your control. You have the ability and means to do it. It’s just a matter of whether or not you take the initiative to manage your time more efficiently.

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