I Feel Like I’ve Seen This Movie Before…


Once upon a time, going to the movie theaters with your friends or family was an event. This event had the potential to grant unforgettable memories. See a great movie with a treasured group of people…it was one of our many pastimes.

These days are a bit…different. Less and less people are going to the movie theaters, and many of those who still are going to the movie theaters, aren’t going nearly as often as years past. Why is this?

There are multiple factors, including consistently climbing movie ticket prices, decreased free time due to work and family schedules, etc. – but the factor that this article will focus on is the decline in quality of the movies themselves.

Believe me when I say that I have nothing against the SpiderMan franchise. Although I was more of a Superman girl myself, I have an ongoing appreciation for comics, and I love being able to watch my favorite comics brought to life on the big and small screens. One question that I have, though, is, How many SpiderMan movies do we really need? Do we really need to see Spidey swinging from skycraper to skyscraper every few years?

It’s not just Spidey that is experiencing a touch of overexposure, though. In general, a lot of movies are being recycled, rebooted, or regurgitated. Film studios are getting away with murder, no longer having to take risks on original stories written by talented writers. Why take risks on new stories, when you can just keep pumping out movies that already have an established following?

It is a sad state of affairs when I’d rather watch old movies, movies from the 80’s and 90’s rather than a lot of the half-assed releases that are being put out now.

I’m not the only one sounding off on this topic. It is a topic being covered by many. Bloggers and YouTubers alike asking, How do we solve this problem? How do we get Hollywood to give movies with fresh plots, and new ideas instead of recycled ideas? The answer to this question is easier than you might think – at least, in theory.

Stop going to the recycled movies. Stop buying the recycled movies. Stop watching the recycled movies when they air on cable networks, or when Netflix finally gets their limited period of time to stream the movie. Just…stop. Stop giving these studios money for recycled product.

But like most things in the world, that’s easier said than done, right? How are you going to tell your seven-year old that he can’t see the new SpiderMan movie, when every other kid in his class has seen it? An easier feat for some parents than others, to be sure. New generations of children or being born, and are coming to the perfect age to want to see the latest recycled movie – the studios are banking on it.

Then what is the solution? How do we fix it?

One answer is for independent filmmakers to step up and find ways to introduce their work to the world. This is an approach that would require consumers to take a chance on independent film. Not every independent film is created equal, but then again neither is every big budget, studio-produced film. At a time like this, when consumers are dissatisfied with what is being fed to them, is the perfect time for independent filmmakers to step in and make their mark. The only thing is, these independent filmmakers need an audience. They need support, so that their investments aren’t in vain.

Ultimately, if you are discontent with the entertainment coming our way, it is up to you, the consumer, to take action. If enough consumers take action, maybe in time we will begin to see progress.


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